Decorative Wall Panels by Livinglass


Decorative wall panels using our LIGHT DECORATIVE GLASS Collection

Decorative Wall Panels

When a room is not enough, when a wall is not just a wall, when you have but moments to inspire awe in the hearts of the toughest critics and highest-end clients, it´s time to turn to Livinglass.

Not any glass wall or decorative panel will do.  Decorative glass wall panels from Livinglass offer extraordinary design, texture and illumination for a true WOW factor. 

Illuminate your venue with extraordinary lighting options that only the finest establishments have had before.

Compliment your decorative wall panels with glass elements ranging from table tops to barbacks, backsplashes, and more. 

Coordinate with our design team to bring your vision to reality.

There are no limits to the beauty we can create.


Decorative Wall Panel Options

  1. Safety Glass - choose the strength and architectural application of your glass
  2. Glass Wall Pattern - choose the inner pattern & colors
  3. Panel Size - determine the size of the structure or of each wall panel
  4. Illumination - choose your light pattern

Decorative Wall Panel Case Study

When Korean Airlines came to us with the request to create an elegant solution for their exclusive clients, we developed the following decorative glass wall panels with their corporate brand and philosophy in mind:

Korean Air Vision – To be a Respected Leader in the World Airline Community

Mission:  Excellence in Flight

  • Operational Excellence
  • Service Excellence
  • Innovative Excellence

We translated their core values into these design elements:

  • Strength
  • Elegance
  • Comfort

Korean Airlines and their customers were very pleased with the results: a lounge area that relaxes and stimulates the mind at the same time, while communicating the strength, integrity, and capability of the company to satisfy the needs of its customers.

Communicate your brand to your customers instantly with the high-end designs of Livinglass decorative wall panels.

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