Livinglass is the world’s most prestigious architectural glass provider for a wide range of residential and commercial applications that bring any area to life with stunning beauty and amazing visual appeal.  We work alongside renowned architects and designers to bring their unique creative visions to life, all the while using the most environmentally friendly, natural materials in our decorative glass masterpieces.


Creative Collaboration

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We helps our clients innovate, imagine and inspire amazing works of art by providing designers with the most innovative and environmentally friendly architectural glass solutions on the planet.  Livinglass has revolutionized the decorative glass industry many times over with their cutting edge processes and solutions for visionaries within the architectural world.

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Decorative glass from Livinglass creates high end looks for your most important designs.  Our custom glass solutions employ cutting edge design and production to create one of a kind venues and luxury experiences.  Used in hotels, lounges, restaurants, and clubs around the world, Livinglass provides the ultimate collaborative experience for any architect and designer.