Illuminated Decorative Glass Panels Change The Game for Designers and Architects

Arhictectural decorative glass is getting an upgrade. Livinglass has announced its new line of high end, LED illuminated decorative glass panels for use in luxury construction and design projects.  The new glass panel technology brings a futuristic design to the glass industry and can be used for much more than just windows and wall panels. 

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Decorative Glass Video Released to Showcase Livinglass Designs

This new decorative glass video shows highlights from all of our custom glass collections, including Light, Fresh, Fusion, and Elemental, all of which use a variety of natural materials to create unique architectural glass designs.  The video shows the glass being used for a variety of architectural applications, including decorative wall panels, bar backs, chandeliers, partitions, and even illuminated table tops.

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How to Make Your Brand Stand Out With Livinglass… And Get Tons of Free Press

Delta One LAX Premium Check-In Experience Featuring Livinglass Kimono Custom Decorative Glass Wall


Livinglass has always been a premium brand.  Now it is helping to redefine other premium brands around the globe.

Turning Poor Experiences into Premium Destinations

Delta’s team of ingenious strategists have taken one of the worst check-in experiences in the country, LAX, and created a premium experience for their Delta One members, including an eye-catching upscale design and expedited security access. 

The Delta One premium LAX check-in experience boasts many original designs. Delta used elements of its colorful history to create unique and artistic furnishings with distinct ties to Southern California, including the locally produced Livinglass Kimono wall seen above.

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The best part of their new design: It got them a ton of free press with everyone from travel bloggers to USA Today.


How Delta Airlines Skipped to the Head of the Line with Upscale Design 

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If you want to duplicate Delta’s brilliant design and publicity strategy, here are the key steps:


Step One: Create a One of a Kind Upscale Venue

Livinglass creates fully custom, one of a kind designs to be the centerpiece of your masterpiece.

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Step Two: Use Newsworthy Design Elements and Materials

Livinglass is not only made locally in Southern California (not in China like many of the major architectural materials companies), but it is also sustainable, made of recycled glass and resins. 


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Step Three: Create a Premium Experience

Any club, restaurant, hotel, bar, poker room, casino, theater, museum or premium venue that wants to attract high end clientele has to look the part.  

Delta went even further.  They didn’t just create an upscale venue, they created a premium experience with a story worth telling.


Good stories get news coverage.  Make sure your project goes above the status quo and aims to solve a problem like the terrible security experiences with the TSA at LAX, fighting pollution and global warming with sustainable materials, or supporting your local economy by using locally sourced products.

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The Livinglass Difference

Livinglass can make your job easy.  With breathtaking custom designs, local production and sustainable materials, we’ll help take your next venue to the next level.

We know, once you see the Livinglass difference, you’ll want to bring that same luxury experience to everything you touch, just like Delta.

Delta is not only using Livinglass in its new LAX Delta One check-in area, it’s also using Livinglass to upgrade all of its newly designed Sky Clubs across the country.  


Need a newsworthy design?   Contact us today to create your own custom Livinglass elements.

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