Architectural Glass Effects For Decorative Wall Panels


Livinglass creates the most beautiful custom glass effects in the industry using our one of a kind design and manufacturing process.

We have changed the way architectural glass is manufactured and designed to develop custom looks for high end venues and global brands.

The effects achieved will take your breath away.

Our custom cut decorative glass uses the interplay between nature-inspired materials and natural and artificial light to create brilliant looks and one of a kind visual effects.

Whether you want a metallic effect, a soft effect, a futuristic effect, or just a high end look for your interior design, Livinglass will help you achieve it.

The best part of our decorative glass effects is that they can be used as part of the building material of any room or structure.

Our architecture glass is tempered or annealed making it perfect for use in external walls, internal wall panels and partitions, and as an architectural or decorative feature of any building.

architectural decorative glass effects


Alternative Uses for Architecture Glass Effects

Livinglass architecture glass effects are useful in any design context.

Our custom cut glass undergoes a special tempering process that allows it to be used in ways that you could never imagine with traditional glass.

Our custom glass can be used to create see through color walls, impressive wall hangings and chandeliers, decorative glass walls and partitions, and even tables that glow from within.

When combined with our LED lighting capabilities, you can enhance any creation with a powerful inner glow.

There are no limits with Livinglass designs.

We’ll even make sure it fits perfectly into your project’s budget.

How To Design Your Own Custom Glass Effects

Step 1: Visit our collections of Decorative Glass

Step 2: Choose 2 or more of your favorite decorative glass designs

Step 3: Choose a color background

Step 4: Choose whether you want to implement LED lights

Step 5: Send us your project specifications along with your choices for your glass effect

Step 6: We will combine your choices into a custom sample for your project

custom architectural glass effects samples