Livinglass Collections

Decorative Glass for Every Style & Occassion

Livinglass custom decorative glass comes in as many shapes as your imagination.


Do you want to capture the essence of the light?

Do you want to feel the fresh sensations of nature?

Do you want to experience the unlimited power of fusion?

Do you want to harness the enduring strength of the elements?


What is ArChitectural Decorative Glass?

Our glass isn´t just for looks. 

Need a wall?  Want more than the ordinary?  Want something extraordinary?

How about decorative wall panels or a room divider made with your own custom glass?

Livinglass custom decorative glass will not only look spectactular, but it performs spectactularly. 

Build our architectural decorative glass into your room at every level with decorative wall panels, bar backs, chandeliers, ceiling panels, elevator cladding, backlit room dividers, and more.

Use our decorative glass as doors, tables, walls, cladding, partitions, chairs, bar tops, desktops - the possibilities are truly endless.


Custom Glass, Custom Design, Custom Architecture

Our decorative glass is strong. 

It´s not just decorative glass that serves no function.  Our architectural decorative glass does whatever you need it to do.

It´s built with safety glass so it can handle any load you need and do it safely.

Our saftey glass is annealed, tempered and laminated.

Annealed: Your custom glass is heated and slowly cooled in order to reduce internal stress in the glass structure.

Tempered: Your custom glass is heated and treated with chemicals to become extremely toughened.

Laminated: Your custom glass is heated and bonded to a protective interlayer. 

Our custom decorative glass designs adhere to the CPSC 16, CFR 1201, and ANSI 97.1 standards for safety glass: These standards establish the specifications and methods of test for the safety properties of safety glazing materials, including bent glass for our Curves collection, which are classified as glazing materials designed to promote safety and to reduce or minimize the likelihood of cutting and piercing injuries when the glazing materials are broken by human contact when used for building and architectural purposes.

Decorative Glass Installation Types

Livinglass architectural decorative glass can be installed in any way your design team can imagine.


We offer the following standard and specialized installations:

  1. Channeled
  2. Framed
  3. Handrail
  4. Standoffs


  • Clips
  • Hinges
  • Cables
  • Adhesive

Custom Glass Design Options

Decorative Glass Your Way


No matter what you want your decorative glass to look like, we´ve got you covered.

We offer an array of treatments for the decorative glass design of your choice.


Your decorative glass can be custom treated in the following ways:

custom glass cloud and mist.jpg
  • Clear
  • Opaque White
  • Cloud
  • Mist
  • Etched
  • Starphire
  • Color Laminated


These basic options are just the begining.

Our team will design the ultimate custom decorative glass for your next project.

See our decorative glass collection galleries below for just a small sample of what we can do with your vision and imagination. 


CONTACT US for more ways to customize your decorative glass today.