Decorative Glass From Livinglass Nominated Best Interior Design Product of 2016

Livinglass announced this week that 4 of its decorative glass designs were nominated for Best Product of 2016 by Design Journal Mag and the ADEX Awards.

This year has been a big year for the release of innovative new products and projects by Los Angeles custom glass maker Livinglass.  Their newest products combine tempered glass with various advanced techniques to embed organic materials inside the glass.  The glass panels are made from two sheets of glass and a resilient polymer interlayer which can be combined with various colors, patterns, and materials to create any custom look.

Livinglass’ Architectural decorative glass products nominated for the 2016 ADEX awards include:

Product Title: Honey Onyx
Product Description: Honey Onyx, part of the Livinglass LIGHT product line, is a laminated architectural glass which captures the essence of Onyx between luminous sheets of glass. Because of the natural variety of Onyx, each Livinglass panel is unique.  Panels can be made as cladding for single sided use such as elevator cabs, lobby walls and table tops or in double sided versions for partitions or other applications such as doors, railings or walls. 

Product Title: Meadowleaf (Patina)
Product Description: Meadwoleaf (Patina), part of the FRESH product line, uses Luna, patina like metal and color finishes to create a stunning glass panel. It is a non-laminated glass with a wide variety of stunning and affordable options.  

Product Title: Champagne Elemental Glow
Product Description: Champagne Elemental Glow, part of the Elemental product line, features the essence of fleck of brilliant champagne colored elements; This luminous glass features a crackled texture with flecks of light to create dimension.

Product Title: Lavawood Gold (Luminous)
Product Description: Lavawood Gold (Luminous) is inspired by the colors and textures of wood. This product, a part of Livinglass LIGHT product line, features golden luminous wood textures laminated between architectural glass. This design captures he unique organic feel of wood with the added element of gold.  Panels can be made as cladding for single sided use such as room dividers, elevator cabs, lobby walls and table tops or in double sided versions for partitions or other applications such as doors, railings or walls. 

Sustainability Green Features: These products are available with recycled glass and 100% recycled resin. Earn LEED credits with our environmentally friendly Light. is an international trade resource for interior designers, architects and facility managers as well as the sponsor of the ADEX Awards. ADEX stands for Awards for Design Excellence and is the largest and most prestigious awards program for product & project design in the A&D industry. An anonymous panel of professionals representing a cross section of the design industry conducts all voting for the awards.

See Livinglass' nominated glass products here:

The Best Alternative Uses For Architectural Decorative Glass

Glass Architecture Re-Imagined

Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Architectural Decorative Glass...

But Now You'll Want To!


A conference table that glows from within.

A bathroom door that brings you closer to nature.

A floor that lets you see into the earth.

A wall panel that illuminates your path.

Decorative glass panels from Livinglass reflect the beauty of glass and harnesses the power of light to make your architectural creations come to life in new ways.


 Livinglass decorative glass panels can be used in a variety of innovative and eye-catching applications:

  1. Decorative Wall Panels - Any wall, any time

  2. Elevator Cladding - Going up in style

  3. Bar Backs - Drink in the beauty and style

  4. Tables - A feast fit for a king

  5. Railings - Guard your customers' tastes

  6. Chandeliers - Heads above the rest

  7. Partitions - Separate the ordinary from the extraordinary

  8. Doors - Open up new possibilities

  9. Windows - See the world in a different LIGHT

  10. Shower Glass - a clean design for the hottest showers

Stand out from the crowd with designs that truly shine.


Whether it's a chandelier of butterflies or a pillar of air and water, Livinglass designs can make any piece of your design the centerpiece. 

We collaborate with the top architecture and design firms in the world to create incredible, never before seen Custom Glass Effects for their projects. 


Do you need something to stand out at your next client meeting?

Are you ready to innovate with glass architecture?

Contact us to create custom samples to your exact specifications to wow your client.



Imagine what you could do with all these design opportunities.

See architecture glass at its finest.

What applications have you considered Livinglass for?

Interiors/ exteriors
Wall coverings
Store front IGU’s
Elevator cabs
Semi-private rooms
Bar tops and backs
Any solid surface

Our glass panels also come in a variety of shapes:

They can be built into any flat panel shape including circles, oval, triangles, channel letters and more.

Look for our decorative glass in:

table glass, shower glass, headboard glass, glass partitions, glass rooms, glass tables, glass headboards, glass elevator cabs, glass railings, glass showers, and more!

View our decorative glass Designs to make your choice >>

Livinglass Uses Recycled Glass to Make Sustainability Top Priority in 2016

Livinglass is Saving the Planet

And Your Budget with GREEN GLASS

One of the biggest trends in architecture today is environmentally conscious design, and Livinglass has always been ahead of the curve in sustainability.

Livinglass is inspired by nature, and we have always looked for ways to push the envelope in terms of design and sustainability to offer maximum value to our clients.

Our LIGHT Collection is the first architectural decorative glass to use 100% recycled glass and resin.  Many of our products use recycled materials.

Stand out from the crowd with designs that truly inspire.


Livinglass has announced that it will be making sustainability one of its top priorities this year to encourage architects and designers to include more environmentally friendly materials and elements in their designs.  

With the signing of the Paris Climate Agreement last month, the momentum for sustainable building solutions is at an all-time high and continues to grow as companies and governments search for ways to mitigate their impact on the environment.  Nearly 90% of all Fortune 100 companies are already using sustainable materials and designs.  The new accord will only create more momentum for environmentally friendly solutions and strategies.

“Livinglass has always been a pioneer in the field of sustainable architecture,” said President Brett Lee.  “We were the first architectural decorative glass manufacturer to offer 100% recycled glass products, and now we want to make our impact even bigger.”

Livinglass is known for its one of kind, nature inspired architecture glass designs, which include plants like bamboo or flowers contained within decorative glass wall panels, or even a floor made of river stones within the glass.  Part of its mission to bring nature-inspired design into the architectural space has always been to promote and use eco-friendly materials, which include its Light line of decorative glass which uses 100% recycled glass and resins.

Livinglass is also uniquely poised to promote sustainability in the architectural decorative glass industry due to its collaborative design process with architects and designers. 

“Most glass manufacturers don’t take the time to offer custom solutions,” said Livinglass President Brett Lee. “Because we work directly with the designers to help them create custom glass samples for their projects, we have a unique opportunity to suggest eco-friendly solutions that can be made to fit into the designer’s vision and budget.”

Green buildings are exploding in popularity not only because they have a positive impact on the health of their inhabitants and promote renewable energy, but also because they save money and resources.  Eco-friendly design can create substantial savings for any new construction project by allowing the building to consume on average 25% less energy, 10% less water, and 20% lower maintained costs.

Environmentally conscious design is one of the biggest trends in architecture today, and Livinglass is at the head of the curve in bringing sustainable design options to the forefront of architectural glass design. 

Sustainable Design is:

  • Good for the Planet

  • Good for the Brand

  • Good for the Budget

  • Good for the Long Term

Light Up Your Life With LED

Even our most advanced architectural glass, Illumination, uses highly energy efficient LED light panels to keep your carbon footprint as low as possible.

All the power of sustainable design without sacrificing the Luxury.


For more information on architectural glass designs from Livinglass, visit our decorative glass collections or view our LEED Specifications.

Decorative Glass Design for Korean Airlines Revealed by Livinglass

Livinglass Decorative Glass featured in an Airport Lounge near you. 

Livinglass has revealed to the public this week images of its design for the Korean Airlines First Class Lounge at LAX.  The images show a chic, sleek luxury design using massive decorative wall panels and a large decorative glass door made of a special combination of glass and wood. Architectural glass designs from Livinglass allow the walls and doors to add to the First Class ambiance of the room.

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