Decorative Glass Design for Korean Airlines Revealed by Livinglass

Livinglass Decorative Glass featured in an Airport Lounge near you. 

Livinglass has revealed to the public this week images of its design for the Korean Airlines First Class Lounge using their famous custom glass at Los Angeles International Airport.  The images show a chic, sleek luxury design using massive decorative wall panels and a large decorative glass door made of a special combination of glass and wood. Architectural glass designs from Livinglass allow the walls and doors to add to the First Class ambiance of the room.

Decorative Glass Doors to Die For

The doors of the First Class lounge were built using a Lavawood Glacier design from the Livinglass LIGHT collection.  The massive doors are made of patterned wood held in between two panels of specially treated glass custom made for the Los Angeles Airport lounge.  The unique materials allow light to dance on the doors and create a powerful impression of the wood inside.


Decorative Wall Panels That Define Luxury

The walls of the lounge are covered in decorative wall panels using the Barcode B design from the Livinglass FRESH collection.  Unlike the doors, these wall panels are made from a single pane of non-laminated glass etched with the unique Barcode design. Barcode B features a vertical wall of lines that play with the light in various ways depending on the viewing angle of the observer, giving the walls a truly luxurious feel.


"For Korean Airlines, we really wanted to make something that showed the values of their company," President Brett Lee told the press.  "We wanted it to be elegant, strong, and comfortable, and since it was for their First Class Lounge, we gave it a real luxurious touch."

Architectural Mission Accomplished

Korean Airlines states that their vision is to be a respected leader in the world airline community and that their mission is to provide excellence in operations, service, and innovation for their customers.  The decorative glass wall panels built by Livinglass reflect these values in the materials and in the design.

The lounge was a hit with both Korean Airlines and their First Class flyers. The lounge area is simultaneously relaxing and stimulating, while exhibiting the values of that the airline wants to demonstrate to all of its passengers: Strength, Comfort, and Innovation.

Los Angeles International Airport, or LAX as Angelinos know it, is becoming a key location for new premium and first class lounges, and many airlines are jumping onboard the concept.  Delta Airlines recently opened their Delta One Premium Check-In Lounge at LAX which also features a massive illuminated decorative glass wall from Livinglass. 

The meaning is clear.  The wave of the future for luxury Airline lounges is custom glass, and Los Angeles custom glass designer Livinglass is at the head of that wave.

Architectural decorative glass never looked so good.

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