Los Angeles Custom Glass

Livinglass makes custom decorative glass for major companies and brands all around the world, but some of our favorite projects are right here in our back yard in the City of Angels. 

Whether its a luxury lounge at LAX or the hottest new bar in Hollywood, Livinglass custom glass is the centerpiece of great design.

Los Angeles is home to some of the world´s most recognized luxury hotels, restaurants, clubs, and names in entertainment.  We make them look the part.

Here is some of the best of our Los Angeles Custom Glass:

Some of our recent custom glass projects in Los Angeles:



DeLTA One DecoratiVe Glass Wall

Nothing is more LA than LAX International Airport, and whether that´s a good thing or a bad thing, Delta is at least trying to make your treck to one of the world´s busiest airports a bit more comfortable and stylish.

With their new premium check-in experience they wanted to highlight the best local designers in LA and Southern California, so they asked Livinglass to create this one of a kind architectural decorative glass wall.  We custom made the design using our Livinglass Kimono line, which features hand made artisanal fabric inside the glass. 

The custom glass creation brings a new meaning to Delta Blue.

Esquire House L.A. Custom Glass Headboard

Whenever they get the chance to have some fun, Esquire Magazine puts a house on the market in Los Angeles after decking it out in style.

The Ferragamo Suite in the Esquire House was adorned with a gorgeous gold creation that turned this hip bedroom into a royal chamber fit for a king.

The price on this Hollywood dream home?

A cool $13 million.





Where do the hottest architects, designers, and brands go for custom glass in Los Angeles and Southern California?