Bronze Halo - Back-lit wall features

Terms and Conditions

Livinglass terms and conditions supersede all others in any submitted purchase order, written or verbal communication.  It is important to review all Livinglass terms and conditions and request any clarification as needed.

All sizes and quantities to be verified by the purchaser; Livinglass takes no responsibly for takeoff sizes, quantities or conditions.  The prices noted above are exclusive of hardware, drilling, installation, architectural detailing, surface treatments, crating and shipping, taxes and insurance, site measurements and templates. The shipper/carrier is an independent contractor. Livinglass is not responsible for the actions of the shipper/carrier.

Livinglass is a handmade natural material. Variations such as bubbles, minor organic debris, differences in color or optical clarity (wavy appearance), slight irregularities in edging, and other signs of hand manufacture are to be expected.  Each piece is a unique, custom made art object. No two pieces will be identical. Individual compositions are highly variable due to the natural characteristics of the materials. Tolerances are 3/16”. Materials in the Sequoia Collection (wood and bamboo) are from natural materials and are highly variable in color, size, shape and appearance. Availability may be seasonal or otherwise variable. Variations in natural materials may cause changes to expected thickness of panels. Please note that materials should not be subjected to heat, including hot lighting, or large temperature variations.

Final products may not be identical to preliminary samples. Full size panels may differ from panel to panel and are subject to variations and irregularities that may not appear in samples.  The contractor or purchasing agent is responsible for providing full and accurate specifications which reflect the intent of the designer and client. Livinglass is not responsible for correcting, verifying or confirming specifications or contradictory information provided by the purchaser.  If confirmation of final appearance is required, a full scale mockup is strongly recommended. If the customer does not request a mockup at full scale, the customer agrees to accept the material as delivered without exception. All payment will be made by customer prior to shipment. Livinglass cannot guarantee the performance of customer supplied patterns. Livinglass does not provide a warranty of fitness for a particular purpose, as materials perform differently in each display. Please allow sufficient architectural tolerances between materials.

Wall cladding products are recommended to be used where no visible light can shine thru.  Our wall cladding inks are hand applied and the paint surface should not be exposed and should be handled with care since it can be easily scratched.

Color matching is approximate and colors can shift due to glass type, heat, lamination and many other uncontrollable factors.  If specific color matching is required then custom samples of exact build are required for approval.  If the customer does not require such a sample the customer agrees to accept the material as delivered without exception.

International shipping – Livinglass intercom terms are EXW, this means the purchaser is the shipper.  We provide only a packing list and commercial invoice; we do not provide any additional documentation.  Our crating is only for domestic and Canadian shipments.  All other crates need to be done by an international competent crating provider.

The lead time for this project is approximately 6-8 weeks plus shipping time from receipt of purchase order and deposit, final dimensions, templates and material specifications. Lead time commences upon designer’s approval of custom samples or mockups. We will request a deposit of 50% of the total for mobilization, on orders below $5000 payment in full in required. The remainder will be payable upon completion prior to shipping. Shipping charges will be paid by the client’s representative directly to the shipper. This quote is valid for 30 days.




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