Custom Glass

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Custom glass designs by Livinglass are one of a kind.

One of a kind beauty.

One of a kind strength.

One of a kind sustainability.

Custom glass samples are created from our decorative glass collections to perfectly fit your vision for your project. 


Design your own custom glass Sample:

  • Clients choose a pattern from our decorative glass collections
  • Clients choose the style of transparency and light effects
  • Clients choose the style of installation
  • Choose the type of glass: decorative glass, architectural glass, architectural decorative glass

Custom Glass Sample Order Form

Our decorative glass can be installed in a myriad of applications:


  • Custom Glass Doors
  • Custom Glass Shower Doors
  • Custom Glass Shelves
  • Custom Glass Partitions
  • Custom Glass Tables
  • Glass Walls
  • Decorative Wall Panels

Whatever you can imagine we can create with Livinglass custom glass designs.  Custom glass walls, doors, tables, stools, and much more.

Find our favorite designs in your city:

Custom Glass Los Angeles

Custom Glass New York

View more details about our custom glass solutions:

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