New York Custom Glass

Livinglass designs and manufactures custom architectural glass for the biggest brands around the world, but some of our favorite projects have to in the Big apple, New York City.

New York City is home to many of the most popular and most recognized luxury venues in the world, including hotels, restaurants, clubs, and major names in entertainment and showbiz.  We make them look the part.

Whether it's an upscale penthouse apartment or the hottest new restaurant in New York, Livinglass custom glass makes any design come alive like nothing else.

Check out our most memorable New York City Custom Glass:

Recent Custom Glass Projects in New York:

Nobu 57th Street Custom Glass Walls by the Rockwell Group

NOBU Restaurant on 57th st. NYC features decorative wall panels produced by Livinglass using a custom safety-rated laminated architectural decorative glass that captures a variety of organic materials within the interlayer.

The Rockwell group, long renowned for its inventive and luxurious use of materials, called Livinglass in the spring of 2005 with a challenge. The design for the new Nobu 57th street's private dining room was a grotto of black terrazzo densely patterned with embedded rings of cross cut bamboo. Rockwell wanted to create a variation on the theme in real laminated glass. But because of its porosity, bamboo was formidably difficult to encapsulate. Having collaborated with Livinglass on developing highly customized materials for other projects, the Rockwell designers asked Livinglass to tackle the technical challenges of the temperamental material.

After weeks of experimentation, we came up with a multi step preparation process which eliminated the appearance of bubbles of air released from the cellulose capsules of the bamboo. The result was a luminous glass panel with slices of bamboo floating within - a perfect foil for the solidity of the black terrazzo.

Unlike many transparent panel materials Livinglass is an impact resistant safety glass. Comprised of 2 tiles of annealed glass encapsulating a clear polymer safety interlayer, the material acts as a composite, which is extremely strong and impact resistant.

For Nobu, Livinglass created an extra thick interlayer to accommodate 3/8" slices of bamboo wood. One interesting by-product of this extra thick safety glass is its high sound absorption - the thick, resilient interlayer serves to dampen sound - a useful quality since the panels at Nobu screen the private dining room from the kitchen service area. And because Livinglass is real glass, rather than a plastic product, the panels can be hosed down and cleaned with heavy industrial cleaners without scratching or discoloring.

Custom Bathroom Glass Doors In New York Penthouse

These stunning Meadowleaf in Mirror/Coppergold custom glass doors were specially designed for this upscale penthouse in New York City. 

The golden-leaf glass is semi-transparent and gives the entire room a natural yet modern feel. 

The leaves and branches look as if they are growing from within the glass and below and above the roof and ceiling.  It gives the viewer the feeling that they are surrounded by nature even within the walls of a high-rise apartment. 

Using a proprietary process and environment-friendly materials, Livinglass produces sheets of safety-rated laminated architectural glass that captures a variety of organic materials within a transparent interlayer.


Custom Glass Walls, Tables And Bar in New York Club

custom glass new york bar

This New York club was completely remodeled and decked out in gorgeous Livinglass Kimono Aqua from our LIGHT Decorative Glass Collection along the interior walls with a floral pattern in the tables tops that allowed light to shine and reflect throughout the entire room.

The bar was covered with Square Capiz in clear laminated glass from our LIGHT collection that allows it to shine like pearls with lighting from the bar top and stand out like a beacon in the venue.  This Laminated Architectural Flat Glass gives the bar a natural, life-like texture that has to be seen to be believed. 

The combination of the aqua inspired Kimono glass, the pearl-like Capiz and the floral lilies creates a modern spectacle softened and enhanced by natural materials that create a comfortable, surprising, and an extraordinarily luxurious experience. 

All Livinglass products are environmentally friendly, resistant to water, UV, and chemicals, impact resistant for safety, class A 1 fire approved, antimicrobial, sanitary and resist discoloration, fading and scratches. Livinglass are also a member of The U.S Green Building Council and are committed to helping to develop a sustainable future by continuing to make buildings greener for everyone.

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